Write an Essay, Win a Goat Farm

Couple to give away their $350,000 Alabama goat cheese farm to the person who writes best essay about why they should run it (and pet dog gets thrown in too)

Paul and Leslie Spell, who run Humble Heart Farms in Elkmont, want to move to Costa Rica to help set up goat farms. They were inspired by a woman in Maine who is giving away her inn through an essay-writing contest. Applicants should write 200 words about why they want to take over. It will cost $150 to enter and the couple hopes the fees will cover the rest of their mortgage and give the new owners $20,000 to get started.

The prize includes the 20-acre farm, their 3-bedroom home, more than 50 goats, their guard dog, equipment and the farm's recipes. They will teach the winner how to make the cheese and operate the farm.

O.K. Popular Liberty Members...Now is our chance!! We have some really great writers here and this sounds like a once in a lifetime chance to be your own boss!


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cults - A Lions of Liberty Interview with Rick Ross of the Cult Education Institute

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I welcome in cult expert and deprogramming specialist, Rick Ross of the Cult Education Institute. Rick describes how he first became entrenched in the subject of cults when he realized his grandmother was being preyed upon by a cult at her nursing home. Since then, Ross has become one of the leading specialists on cults in the United States, and has worked to “deprogram” many who have fallen under the influence of destructive cults. Rick describes the defining characteristics of cults, and how they differ from mainstream religions. Rick and I discuss the types of people who are vulnerable to cults, how cult leaders exert such a strong influence over their followers, and just how those who have fallen into a cult can be deprogrammed. In the wrap-up rant, I have some thoughts of my own on how cult-like thinking has become pervasive in many aspects of our society. I then share a personal story about my own experience with a cult.


Dark Journalist: Agent Oswald: The CIA Patsy (HD Version)

(HD Version)
Join Dark Journalist in this revealing documentary of the intelligence connections of Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of JFK. See the assassination researchers who have uncovered the truth that Oswald was set up to take the fall by shady elements in the deep state of power, politics and total control.

Listen to real former agents like E. Howard Hunt blow the whistle on the architects of the crime and witness Oswald associates who discuss his relationship with the CIA and his betrayal at the hands of covert puppet masters.


The continuing saga of marijuana activist Shona Banda.

After state takes child, Kansas woman is at center of national marijuana debate.

“Today, her story has gone global. More than 84,000 people have signed an online petition supporting her. “

“As prosecutors in Finney County consider charges against Banda, a GoFundMe account has produced nearly $40,000 in donations for her possible legal fight.”

“Lisa Sublett, who heads the patient advocacy group Bleeding Kansas, thinks charges against Banda could lead to a case that changes Kansas law, perhaps even going to the U.S. Supreme Court.”


Glenn Beck, advocate for Shona Banda, time to legalize marijuana.


For those who wants to help the Nepal earthquake relief

One of my most trusted sources on health and nutrition information is Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren. He runs Ecopolitan, a health food restaurant in Minneapolis, and travels around the world giving health consultations and lectures on health related topics. Dr. Tel-Oren's other passion is helping those, especially children, in poor remote villages in Nepal.

For many years, Dr. T has run a non-profit providing health education, orphanages, and schools to thousands of children, many of whom would otherwise end up victims of human trafficking. He has a track record of helping those in need in the exact areas hit hardest by the earthquake. If you are considering donating to the relief effort, you couldn't do much better than to donate to his organization. I am sure that money donated here will have more bang for your buck and go to the right places versus the big bureaucratic government connected aid agencies. I'm usually sceptical of donating to most causes, but I believe from meeting Dr T that he is a compassionate and honest man who does what he does out of love. I don't have any connection to anything Dr. T does, I just have a great deal of respect for him.



Eliminating "Deity mode of speech" by communicating in E-Prime (E')

"Is", "is." "is"—the idiocy of the word haunts me. If it were abolished, human thought might begin to make sense. I don't know what anything "is"; I only know how it seems to me at this moment. --- Robert Anton Wilson

The thought has crossed my mind that we all may benefit here by communicating in E-Prime (E'). Of course there would be no way to enforce it. It would have to be completely voluntary.

"E Prime?" you ask? Well, since you asked.

In essence, the term E-Prime (abbreviated E') refers to an English language derivative that eliminates any use of the verb "to be" (basically am, is, was, are, and were) ... the use of E' as a writing discipline ... allows one to minimize many "false to facts" linguistic patterns inherent in ordinary English usage.


Wikipedia continues:


May 1: Celebrate Loyalty Day / Karma Bomb / Heartfelt Thanks Day

"I hope you agree and will join me in this second annual KarmaBomb™ by doing something nice on behalf of a member of the Liberty movement." -- C_T_CZ

I would like to call attention to and amplify C_T_CZ’s invitation to celebrate the Second Annual KarmaBomb™!

What is a KarmaBomb™? Distributed positive karma techniques with your favorite Liberty fighter as the target.

Last year (and again this year) I was the target of C_T_CZ's positive energy. This year, I'm joining in the fray to celebrate the members of the Liberty movement (and beyond!) who have had such a big impact on me.

Saturday May 1 is Loyalty Day and also the day C_T_CZ has chosen for the Karma Bomb celebration. If you think Loyalty Day is too nationalistic, or if you don't believe in Karma, that is ok. You can still participate!

My interpretation is that it is a day to think about, reflect upon, and offer your Heartfelt Thanks., a Thank You Bomb, of sorts. C_T_CZ concurs:


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